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Yamaha Tenere 700 Commercial 

As an intern working at Twisted Throttle, I created commercial advertisements that highlighted products and tutorial videos of how to install them. I really enjoyed creating these videos because of my interest for the automotive industry and the action that comes with it. My favorite part about working at Twisted Throttle was getting to film live action of the motorcycles and turning that footage into a storyline. The goal of this video was to showcase all the compatible bolt on accessories for the Yamaha T7.

Commercial Highlights

Throughout the commercial, the various products are displayed both up close and during action scenes. This creates a nice balance and flow in order to maintain interest with the audience. During the video, the two riders meet up together and ride both on and off road until sunset where they set up camp and enjoy a nice fire. The purpose for this storyline was to show the versatility of the bike with its accessories both on and off the road.

iphone mock.png
300x600 half page ad.png

Dryspec Web Advertisements

Some of the advertisements I created were for DRYSPEC luggage bags. These bags are all waterproof and can go on any motorcycle.

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