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Main Screen


Learning a new skill such as guitar can be quite difficult, which is why I created the app, “Guitar Novice.” The app teaches beginners how to play guitar including notes, basic chords and songs containing those chords. The simple navigation and color choice makes for an inviting friendly user experience.

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App Icon

The logo and icon were inspired by the main page of the app which is a close up look of the sound hole and strings with the ending frets of a guitar.


Main Screen

Interactive Notes Diagram

Chord Screen

The main page allows you to navigate from notes, chords, songs and settings. The notes screen is an interactive diagram that allows you to swipe back and fourth to see all the notes on the guitar. 


Chord Diagram

Song List

Song Example

The app allows you to select songs containing the chords you learn. All songs use simple chords because the app is intended for beginners.

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